The Mission of Artist SHEE

Artist Shee is an international artist who specializes in oil painting and sculpture. His works of art are created in three distinctive cultural locations: Europe, the U.S. and Asia, specifically Paris, Chicago and Taipei.

His talent for creation shines in all forms and styles of art. His emotions resonate with many art enthusiasts all over the world as a driving force behind his passion as an artist.

Dr. Gloria Groom, David and Mary Winton Green Curator of The Art Institute of Chicago, Chair for European Painting and Sculpture says, "His art is about communicating the joy he has found in painting with the colors that convey his dreams to others. His shapes and colors reflect his rich personal life and most of all by his deep appreciation of the human body and by his spiritual center. One can appreciate this point more from his three-dimensional work of sculptures. “

Visual art as part of the basic culture impacts on the kind of society we live in and leads the civilization of mankind as music and literature do. The culture is as important as, if not greater than, the economy for human existence. With a good or superior culture, a country and its people will survive even without a thriving economy.

However, a country and its people may not exist for very long without sustainable support for its cultural development. Artist Shee sees the importance and value of art for the people, locally and globally. He works hard to promote higher quality of culture for a better and more tolerant society in the world, with love, peace and hope. Through his works of art, he strives to reach more people who are interested in improving their quality of lives and culture.

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